Letter to Old Students

Dear student,

Greetings from your alma-mater, Little Rock.

I am sure you would like to be in touch with your School, on a regular basis.   Let me make a few suggestions in this connection:

a) Visit the Campus: You are always welcome to the campus. Please find time to visit us whenever you come home to visit your parents and dear ones.

b) Start Alumni Chapters: Let me also suggest that in cities with a concentration of our old students, we start Alumni Chapters.  Recently when we visited Dubai, a few old students met us and they have assured us that they would initiate the process of gathering and organizing old students living in Dubai and in other Gulf countries and set up an Alumni Chapter there.  Similarly students from Bengaluru have promised us that they would also do the same.  I request those living in such places to take this initiative.  It would be great if you could do this.  It’s good to keep alive our contacts and also your mutual contacts.  Many reputed schools have similar Alumni Chapters. Let’s do the same.

c) Alumni Reunion: We may consider having an Alumni Reunion next year when we complete 40 years and celebrate our Ruby Anniversary. We shall give sufficient advance notice about this, to facilitate maximum attendance.

d) Alumni Registration: We have a provision to register our students in our website. Please open the link and complete the form given there. This will help us communicate with you whenever needed.

e) Alumni Achievers: We would like to carry a feature on our old students who are great achievers, in our Year Book year after year. To make this possible, old students can write to us about any of their batch mates who they think deserve to be classified as great achievers.  We need details of such old students, with all relevant evidence of their achievements and their photographs.  We need this information before end of February every year.  Details of those selected by the Editorial Board will be published in the Yearbook to be published in May.

Best wishes,